Flune is a cloud-based software tool that allows the viewer to actively participate in the viewing experience.

Know your audience.

Television is becoming increasingly social. The problem is, content creators are outsourcing their feedback and interactivity to Twitter & FaceBook and not getting their hands on all of that precious viewer data.  Flune harnesses the growing social aspect to television, allowing the producer to create a closer relationship with their audience.  No middle man.

Engage your audience.

Want to do a poll? No problem.
Ask the host a question? It’s as simple as typing it in.

Teach your audience.

With Infinite Classroom™, Flune elevates online learning with an immediacy that compares to being there in the classroom.
Flune blends the interactive elements directly onto the video stream. No more second screen.  Smart TVs, gaming consoles, set-tops and mobile devices can handle Flune content without any additional hardware. It works best with live productions, but also can enhance previously recorded content with interactive elements for the viewer.



FluneTV is a cloud-based application suite with a data back-end that broadcasters, advertisers
and educators can use to create a live and active two-way interaction between their program and the viewing audience.
The two major components of this complete solution cover the in-studio/program management system on the production
side, and the viewer application experience on the audience side. The pieces work together through the cloud to create
an active “talkback” capability by the audience under the distinct control and branding of the content creator.  This allows the producer to engage with the audience through real time polling and messaging.
No second screen to distract attention; no outsourcing to a third party to lose valuable branding and data.

About Us

Flune Interactive was formed in 2013, but our team has been working
in the interactive television space for almost a decade.
We wanted to develop a better interactive television experience by
creating a stronger relationship between the content creator
and the viewer and to take advantage of the increasingly social
aspect to how television is watched today.
Our team has deep experience in Smart TVs, Digital Media, Film/TV
production, large-scale Web Engineering, Big Data and Design.
At Flune, our goal is to make better interactive television.